Therapy Dog

Dogs can provide humans with a significant amount of emotional relief. I have even found it to help significantly in my sessions, as the client leans on the dog for comfort and security, as a result, lowering a client’s level of stress and anxiety.

I fully support my client’s leaning on their pets for emotional support. They are welcome to bring their animals into the office, as well, if it brings them comfort.

My dog’s name was Raspberry. She was a registered Emotional Service Animal (ESA) and Certified Pet Therapy Dog. English Cream Golden Retrievers are known to be friendly, calming, affectionate, loyal, and loving; she was all of those.

Unfortunately, in March 2023, Raspberry retired. One day we will be reunited at the Rainbow Bridge but until then, we will continue to share the many memories that she had left us.

Therapist with Dog sitting next to chair
Therapist Kasia with Raspberry is waiting for a session to begin.

Raspberry loved to greet clients at the front door; upon your request, she would stay in the room with you during therapy. Usually, she ended up sleeping, and occasionally she’d offer a snore that gave the room a more casual and familiar feeling.

She was a great distraction and grounding tool when heavy topics arose, making them much easier to talk through. And when you needed a little extra love, she invited you to sit on the floor and play with her. That was her absolute favorite.

She would bring smiles to everyone who came into the office. She made everyone feel loved.