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Kasia is the beat therapist I have been to. She has really helped me start to understand my life more and how certain situations now are connected to earlier situations in my life. Talking to her feels like you are just talking with a friend, you never feel judged or afraid to say what it is you need to say. She makes you feel heard and cared for.

Kristen P.

I would highly recommend Kasia, she has helped me enormously through a difficult transition in my life, offering me insights (about myself) that I had not fully understood. I have been very impressed with how quickly she has been able to assess my situation and guide me towards a happier, healthier solution.

Christine M.

Kasia is absolutely wonderful! She’s one of the only therapist’s I’ve ever met who can be calm, patient & have a neutral stance which enables her to give you the best advice for whatever situation you’re going through. I highly recommend her!

Kathryn P.

Kasia put me right at home. I was very comfortable talking and sharing with her . I felt great after I left having my very first ever counseling appointment with a wonderful counselor. Thanks

Candy P. 

Kasia is a master of her profession. She helped me to realize things in one session. She’s perfect at what she does.

William S.

She is calm, caring, and understanding. She has a unique way of listening to you and then gently asking you questions that lead you to discover the best answer for yourself.

Patsy H.

Kasia creates a therapeutic environment that is really comforting and easy to open up in. Her office is very nice and her dog, Raspberry , is a sweetheart. I find talking to Kasia not only helpful but fun.

Michael B. 

Kasia brings a calming presence to turbulent times. She listens intently and asks questions that help shift your perspective. Kasia’s insightfulness gave me the tools and strength to help me find my inner strength in my own way, on my own terms- she simply shined the light!


Kasia helped me through an intense transitional period of my life. She was always warm and gracious and open to anything I needed. I always felt supported and comforted by her presence. I could rely on her input and guidance when everything else felt chaotic. I would recommend Kasia to anyone, confident that her warmth as a person and her skills as a therapist would be an asset on the path to healing

Allison C. 

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